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From Hero of the Gridiron to Local Play Unplugged Hero

From Hero of the Gridiron to Local Play Unplugged Hero
August 12, 2015

Play Unplugged is a huge deal.  In the communities where Play Unplugged has arrived to help reduce kid's dependency upon electronic devices in order to have fun during the summer, we see ALL KINDS of advocates who are willing to spread the message of Play Unplugged and how it helps reduce a child's screen time in the summer months.

Since the Center for Disease Control and Prevention cited that one in every three children are either obese or overweight, Play Unplugged offers a solution to prevent the extra pounds kids pack on during their sedentary summer months.  Yes, believe it or not, kids these days actually GAIN WEIGHT rather than lose it during the summer.  Most clinical studies point to the fact that with no school, and little parental supervision, children are more and more likely to spend hours upon hours  in front of the television watching movies and seasons of programs, or spend it in the same spot playing endless hours of video games.

The time these kids spend in front of televisions and computers is not time they could be spending and engaging in 'real play' activities such as riding their bikes through the neighborhood, playing kick the can or hide-n-go-seek and even any type of sports in the park with their friends.

Heber City, UT kids earn the Ridge Racer Brag Badge and stay away from video games and reduce screen time and avoid screen addictions.

Health experts have become very concerned with this trend in children and the fact it is leading/contributing towards more cases of childhood obesity, diabetes and lack of development of social skills that are crucial at these ages...

Well we are fortunate enough to have a former college athlete who is one of our best advocates when it comes to what Play Unplugged does for kids.

Colt Sampson owns a State Farm Insurance office in our Play Unplugged Spanish Fork area, and to say he is a big fan of the Play Unplugged program would be an understatement.

...but did you know that our friend Colt enjoyed quite an illustrious football career in college at the University of Utah? Yes, he was a member of the team that upset Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. He also sponsors the 'Hula Hooper' Brag Badge out in the Play Unplugged Spanish Fork area!

Anyhow, the National Football Foundation recently did an article about Colt (and Play Unplugged) that you can share with your friends and family to show them how cool this is for kids...why he is doing the Hula Hoop rather than running the pigskin is still a question, but knowing his athletic skills, we're sure he's out there doing a dang good job of it!

So if you want your kids to meet a real hero of the gridiron, be sure to stop by and earn the Hula Hooper and meet our good friend Colt and have your kids ask him about what he did to be able to join the University of Utah football team and become such a hero here in Utah.

No matter what, take the time to learn more about childhood obesity, what screen addictions are and the symptoms your very own children may be exhibiting.  This topic is so, so, so important for the sake of your kids and for helping them lead healthy, active and productive lives now and into the future!

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