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Binge Watching and Kids

Binge Watching and Kids
February 23, 2016

Have you heard your kids use the term 'binge watching' yet?
If so, you'd better be concerned a weeeeee bit...especially if you have teens in the home, and here is why: If your child is binge watching, your child may not be exercising the part of their brains which is for 'creating.' :(
"The research shows that on average, kids are spending about 40% of this time on "passive consumption" compared with just 3% of their time on content creation."
We urge parents to take a good, hard look at their teens and pre-teens to see if binge watching is a phenomenon regularly occurring in your home. No matter what, this article where the above quote is from, is good stuff! :)
...remember that Play Unplugged has a home module you can use every day of the year to help prevent/reduce issues of binge watching with your kids, and stimulate their 'create' part of the brain which is sooooo important during these years! You can get one now at the following link: