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Is Too Much Sit Time a Bad Thing?

Is Too Much Sit Time a Bad Thing?
February 24, 2016

We know that watching TV and spending too much time sitting around doing nothing is 'bad.' But how bad is it?
"Two studies that followed children from birth found that TV viewing in childhood predicts obesity risk well into adulthood and mid-life..."
Obesity is a very real issue for our generation of children. Reporters write about it. Schools and cities discuss it and parents SEE it--but no one appears to have a good solution to get kids outside and PLAY.
Here is a good article (which cites many really impressive sources and studies) that every parent needs to read about how bad excessive television is;
...well, we DO have a solution--one that is proven that WORKS!
Find out more about Play Unplugged and how you can get your city involved by contacting us. :)
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