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7 Tips to Get Your Kids Outside

7 Tips to Get Your Kids Outside
March 01, 2016

If you live in UT (or another place that is warming up!) it's time to think about ensuring your kids get outside more often. Of course, some probably are already enduring some 'cabin fever' but once school lets out, YOU need to be ready to motivate them to spend more time playing outside! :)
Here is a list of 7 simple things to help you do that! (Yes, #4 is a bit sneaky, but it works!) -
One of our staff remembers going on a leaf scavenger hunt during the spring. His parents went out and cut a leaf then told him he had to find the tree it came from. Reach into your creativity and find what gets your kids outdoors!
Also we stumbled upon a cool new device which helps a parent limit/oversee their kids computer and screen time with their mobile device. This means you can ensure that even if you are a single parent at work, your kids aren't spending too much time sitting and watching television or on the computer playing games.
According to one parent who told us about it; "It's the best thing he's ever bought--period." :)
Here is the link to that device, called 'Circle':
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