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How Do I Get My Kids To Turn Off The TV This Summer?  Play Unplugged Has Answers!

How Do I Get My Kids To Turn Off The TV This Summer? Play Unplugged Has Answers!
June 15, 2016

"The most powerful tool Play Unplugged offers parents is the ability to use its unique 'bragging' system to motivate kids to turn off their televisions, voluntarily put down their video games and to go outside and explore the many wonderful real play options that you and I grew up with," said Play Unplugged Founder Erik Rowland.  "And it sometimes surprises even us that there are a few parents that are still discovering this cool motivating incentive that we built into the program for them to use!"

Play Unplugged can get your kids to do the impossible!  It will help you, help them turn off the gaming devices.  Play Unplugged will help motivate kids to turn off the televisions in the summertime. And the innovative Play Unplugged program and its Brag system will help your kids when faced with the decision of; "should I watch more TV or should I go outside and play?"

If you've noticed, at the very bottom of each and every Brag Badge there is a number. It could be 5 Brags, 10 Brags or even 1 or 2 Brags--those numbers all depend upon the difficulty of the Brag Badge requirement!  For example, as a parent you want your child to be more active, so earning The Mile Master Brag Badge should be more difficult than, say, The Bed Header Brag Badge which doesn't involve walking/running a mile.  

So that difficulty allows the Brag Badge to have a rating and an amount.  If you look at the bottom of The Mile Master Brag Badge you will see that it is worth '10 brags' and that if you look at the bottom of The Bed Header Brag Badge, it is worth '5 brags.'  Here is how you as a parent can effectively use Play Unplugged Brag Badges and their unique brag amounts as incentives for your kids so they choose to voluntarily turn off the media and turn on their lives!

If a parent at the beginning of the summer (or at any time, actually) sits down with their kids and issues the challenge that 'if they earn X-amount of Brags this summer', there will be a prize (or other positive reinforcement) from the parents to the child.  So in your house it could be that you as a parent want your kids to turn off the television and reduce their screen time this summer, so you say; "If you earn 150 brags this summer, we will take you and a friend to Lagoon!"  

...Or perhaps they've wanted a new bike at the beginning of summer--that could also help kids reduce their screen time when coupled with Play Unplugged's brag system.  For example the parent then tells their children; "If you earn 100 brags before Labor Day Weekend, then we will go and choose a bike you would like!"

By offering a reward system based upon the number of brags--not badges--now the parents have a powerful motivating system that is effective in helping their kids to make the conscious choice themselves to turn off the televisions, put down the mobile device games and reduce their screen time this summer!

"When a parent fully understands and uses the innovative Play Unplugged brag system, it opens up a world of possibilities they may have never thought of before!" said Rowland.  "The kids now have something they know they have to work towards and they will have to get outside to do that.  We have seen families where this incentive is offered inside the home and the parents tell us that their kids suddenly, and often for the first time ever, are getting online, looking at the brag point values and once Saturday morning arrives, they are outside earning that particular Brag Badge all on their own."  

From all of us here at Play Unplugged, we hope you utilize the motivating brag reward system this summer as you help your kids reduce their screen time and help motivate your kids to turn off the televisions or the gaming systems and get outside during the summer.  This is so very important since this is how a parent can help their kids avoid obesity, diabetes this summer!

Also remember that our Play Unplugged Home Version can supplement your child's summer experience as with this you can set the brags for that reward higher, and see how effective Play Unplugged can help kids reduce their screen time, reduce their sedentary lifestyle during the summer months and get out and PLAY! 

Note:  At the very bottom of the listed Brag Badges for the Play Unplugged Home Module, you can purchase one of the four a full modules (Active Life, Creative Fun, Outdoors and Around the House) at a discounted rate or THE FULL, 101 Brag Badges which includes 1 special Brag Badge you cannot get anywhere else--all for just $40 which is our special discounted rate for families who do not live in a Play Unplugged area!  

And each of those Brag Badges you see online, once you click them, you can see the default requirements for the parents to either use as is, or elaborate makes a perfect vacation activity and we've heard from parents that the kids LOVE IT!

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