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How To Get Your Kids Outside & Healthy - Flag Rock Hike

How To Get Your Kids Outside & Healthy - Flag Rock Hike
July 08, 2016

As promised!  Here is the hiking information to the optional Flag Rock hike from the Patsy's Mine Hike.  

These two hikes are perfect if you are asking yourself; 'how do I get my kids to turn off the video games and get outside?' well the Flag Rock and Patsy's Mine hike is a PERFECT way to do that!

Hiking is a perfect way to get your kids outside and involved in exploring, playing and enjoying the healthy option of being outdoors.  Plus there are many experts who will also tell you that hiking helps kids nurture a love for nature.  And since we here in Utah live with literally one of the easiest accessible mountains in the United States, there is NO reason why we shouldn't teach our kids about nature by doing these short hikes once a week, if not at least once a month during the summers...

So, if you've already made it to Patsy's Mine and are looking to extend your hike up another 500' vertical feet to the top of Flag Rock, here is where you left off:

At the junction of the Patsy's Mine turn off where the above link left off, now follow the 'Flag Rock' trail which leads south into deeper shrub oak.  The trail will be all uphill from here on out, so be sure to take it at a pace you can handle and rest often.  

It is important you still have plenty of water--especially if you are there during the afternoon as it will be HOT and you will be hiking another 500' in vertical feet.  If you are not prepared for the uphill climb, you can rest under some large oak trees about 60 yards up the trail and wait for the rest of your party as the downhill trail is the same as the uphill one.

The trail begins to switchback itself back and forth across the mountainside.  Above you, you can begin to see the flag atop its 20' pole emerging as you continue to climb on the trail.  

Flag Rock was founded when in June of 1997, Randy West placed a U.S. flag atop that rock outcropping in honor of his friend Gary Bradley who was born on Flag day but sadly passed away in 1976...

After the attacks of 9/11, Randy returned to Flag Rock having found a tall flag pole that wasn't being used by a school in Farmington.  He decided to raise it (and a new, larger flag) atop the same outcropping and subsequently naming it 'Flag Rock.'  After he had someone cut the flagpole up in three 6' long sections in order to get it up the mountainside, Randy and a friend (Glen Curtis) then hauled these poles up the trail and assembled them, anchoring them into the rock.  

...not an easy feat, considering each section weighed in at 60 lbs!

Interestingly enough, once you reach the Flag Rock outcropping, you will have hiked the same elevation that the World Trade Center Towers stood if you were to begin at Farmington's State Street and gone to Flag Rock.  (1,353 feet)  According to various hiking websites, there is an annual hike led by a retired first responder from New York City who takes people there from the 100 North trailhead on September 11th...

Anyhow, back to the hike!

The trail switches back and forth and eventually leads you a bit southward as it appears you are on the same elevation of the flag waving in the wind to your left!  And that is when you begin taking that final, last and most welcome switchback to the north and to the overlook!  

It is tempting to take one of the many 'new' and unauthorized trails and scramble directly up to Flag Rock, however it is VERY steep, more tiring than following the official trail and it does add to the erosion, so we urge people to just stay on the trail.  

Once you arrive atop the rock outcropping you will see a very nice bench where you can rest your tired legs and soak in the amazing view!  

From this vantage point you can see ALL of Davis County below you and into Salt Lake, across to Antelope Island and far away out near Tooele and Grantsville!  Lagoon Amusement park is below you and it is nothing less than majestic!

So we hope you enjoy Flag Rock and we hope this answers the questions of; 'how do I get my kid into nature?' or 'how do I get my kids to turn off the television?'  We here at Play Unplugged know that getting kids outdoors during the summer reduces weight gain during summer months.  

We also know that parents really do want to know how to reduce their kids screen time and by taking them out for a good day or half-day hike, that is one of the BEST ways to stimulate their minds and activate their metabolism!

Have fun at Flag Rock everyone!

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