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Kaysville Play Unplugged Hike - Patsy's Mine and Flag Rock (optional)

Kaysville Play Unplugged Hike - Patsy's Mine and Flag Rock (optional)
July 07, 2016

We here at Play Unplugged are very proud to welcome the city of Kaysville into the program and we are excited the kids in this Davis County city can enjoy being outside and reducing their screen time!  So we chose to feature the Patsy's Mine hike because what kid doesn't want to safely explore a spooky, old mine--?!  ~wink~

The Patsy's Mine Hike was chosen because wanted to find a hike near Kaysville families that is not only interesting to a child, but so they can get outside with their families and enjoy a bit of discovery this summer.  With great pride, here is one of our Play Unplugged Recommended Hikes to Patsy's Mine or Flag Rock:

Patsy's Mine / Flag Rock
.7 miles one way to the mine and another .6 miles of uphill switchbacks to Flag Rock

Moderate - Consisting of 500' elevation gain to Patsys Mine and 1,000' to Flag Rock on numerous switchbacks

Elevation gain:
552 feet to Patsy's Mine and another 500 feet to the area around Flag Rock

Pets:  Allowed (Please clean up after them)

Time Required:
One hour round trip to Patsy's Mine and another 40 minutes (one way) to Flag Rock

- At least one litre of water per person as there are no water sources along or near the trail.  
- Sunscreen and a hat.  There is very little shade, so it is recommended you go early or late in the day to avoid the heat.
- Flashlight in case it gets dark before you get back to your car.
- Hiking pole 

To get to the trailhead, there are two approaches.  The easiest to find is to go into Farmington and head east along 100 North.  As the road rises up the bench, it will 'dead-end' in a cul-du-sac and there will be a locked gate to the east of the cul-du-sac as seen here in this photo taken on July 2, 2016:  

Going around that gate and moving up the dirt road about 30 yards, you will come to a well-worn trail that branches off to your right (east) and is clearly marked in the high grass with a trail marker.  As you leave the dirt road and climb the trail you will notice there are several fruit trees (apricot?) that grow along the hillside and it is unknown who planted them or how they got here--?  

By following that route, you will switchback several times before you reach Firebreak Road which is very obvious once you come across it, and you can find the Patsy's Mine (and Flag Rock Trail) on the other side of that significant dirt road that runs north/south...

NOTE:  Beginning at this point in the cul-du-sac will greatly increase the elevation you will have to climb, however if you decide upon accessing the Patsy's Mine/Flag Rock Trail via the North Skyline Drive in Farmington, you will need to be in a moderately high clearance SUV or truck that will allow you to travel the dirt road safely.

To arrive via that northern route, you must go to the north and enter Farmington Canyon Road off N 100 East in Farmington.  After a mile or so, there is a spur road heading off to the south called Firebreak Road and that is the one you want.  Once you take the turn onto FireBreak Road, it will double back towards the mouth of the canyon before turning sharply south and along the foothills.  

There is a very large bush/tree and well-worn trail off to the east of Firebreak Road that is easily missed, so be on the look out for it!  A trail marker should be in place and if you look to the east you should see a trail crisscrossing the grassy slope...

Park off to the side enough to allow other vehicles to pass, and heading up the trail you will be exposed to the sun, so make sure you and your kids are hydrating often.  As the trail switches back and forth, you will notice you are getting higher and higher up as Farmington, Lagoon and the entire valley becomes visible from anywhere along the trail.

Once the Patsy's Mine / Flag Rock trail intersects with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, you will find a nice bench to rest and gaze upon the valley below.  You can also see the lights of Lagoon beginning to light up if you do this hike as the sun sets...

From the bench, take the trail heading north and it will stay even for a bit, then begin switchbacks up the hillside near a definitive canyon.  Hikers will notice that the grassy knolls are replaced with deep shrub oak on either side of the trail. As you climb you are entering a shallow canyon with steep walls and will discover that it is shady here in the very latter hours of the day, as well as the morning hours.  So if heat isn't your thing, it is recommended to go during these times when it is cooler.

As you climb you will see Flag Rock above you, but after a few hundred feet elevation, there will be a trail marker just like the ones you've passed along the trail that designates the cut off spur to Patsy's Mine.  This is what it looks like:


The uphill trail is steeper and goes around a corner.  About 30 yards beyond that is the entrance to Patsy's Mine.  The trail to the right (south) will begin a series of seemingly endless switchbacks that will once again take you north and up the hill towards Flag Rock which looms above you.

The history of Patsy's Mine is a bit clouded.  The things we know for certain are is that it belonged to an Irishman and former boxer named Patsy Morley who suddenly arrived in Farmington and was convinced there was silver and other precious metals in the mine due to the silver colored rock and granite in the area.  He diligently mined this claim for many years and suddenly, as mysteriously as Patsy had shown up, he disappeared leaving the mine abandoned...

In the Davis County Library there is more information on him, his mine and several articles about the area which you can use to teach your kids about the local history of their city and perhaps earn The History Hunter, The Hiker, or Hero Hunter Brag Badges which are available through our Play Unplugged Home Version.

It is at least 20 degrees cooler as you enter the mine which tunnels back over 150 feet in a direct straight line.  There are no side chambers to get lost in or rotting floorboards to fall through, but watch your head on the jagged, non-uniformed rock ceiling!

It gets dark so bring a flashlight or headlamp that can also help you hike down the mountain trail if you decide to watch the sunset from Flag Rock or the bench at the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

If you decide to press onwards and upwards to Flag Rock, we will post and link it here.  :)  We will do that just in time for the weekend so you and your family to enjoy a moderate hike that shows you some of the cool history in Davis County and some of the most stunning views of the surrounding area!

Be sure to see which Brag Badges you can also pass off and collect in the Play Unplugged Kaysville area while you are out.  And be sure to tell your friends and family about Play Unplugged and the success you are seeing as your kids turn off their televisions and computers, reduce their summer screen time and get outside and playing!

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