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06 - The Dancer

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Learn some new moves. Become the life of the party. Just follow the beat and shake what your momma gave ya! If you'd like, throw a dance party. Below are some ideas for an epic party 

Dance Styling
Get the party going by giving everyone a chance to give themselves a new look! Set up spots where party guests can have their hair glitter sprayed or get highlights with spray in neon colors. Bling them out with glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, feather boas, Mardi Gras beads, rings and sunglasses.

Fluorescent Dance Shirts
Ask guests to bring or wear a white t-shirt they don't mind drawing on. On a table set out lots of different colors or highlighters or glow in the dark pens and let the kids sign and decorate each others shirts. Set up a black light and the shirts will glow in the dark.

DJ Roll
As kids arrive assign them each a number from 1 to 5. Each number should have several people assigned to it. Tell them to remember their number or write it on their hands. During a few of the songs have the DJ roll a dice. The number that comes up on the dice is the number of the group that has to dance - everyone else freezes. After 30 seconds have the DJ roll the dice again and announce another group. If the die rolls 6 then everyone has to dance (or make the parents dance).

Keep up the moves. When finished, be sure everyone gets their Dancer Brag Badge