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11 - The Hero Hunter

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Visit a fire or police station and meet some of your local heroes. Learn how they keep your community safe. Below are some tips for how you can show your appreciation to their dedication to keeping us safe. 

Put together a Goodie Bag
Cliff bars, Protein bars or Power Bars – most of the time officers working calls jump from one call to the next without a break in between to eat.  It's important to keep energy up and sometimes dinner is a simple protein bar. Peanuts or Granola Bars – another really good snack idea for on the go. Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerky – same reason as above.  It's a good snack idea that will get you through your shift.  They sell lots of beef jerky that are individually wrapped too. Mini Hand Sanitizers – some larger departments may issue these but not all do.  They deal with some pretty crapy situations and don't always have a sink to wash their hands.  Hand sanitizers are a must when on patrol.  A must!

Put together a plate of Treats
Make cookies or buy a dozen doughnuts from a local bakery and take them to your local police and/or fire department. Include a thank you card to be displayed by the treat.

Brighten up the Break Room
The police and Fire Department love their break room! Create decorations that say "thanks for all you do" and put together a basket of snacks they can enjoy all week.

The ideas are limitless. Once you've shown your appreciation, get your Hero Hunter Brag Badge.