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17 - The Monkey Hunter

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Go to the zoo and take pics of some of your favorite animals. Want some ideas of things you can do while at the zoo? Below are some ideas:

1. Pose in various pictures with multiple animals.

2. Imitate the animals by making the same noises they make.

3. Buy a bag of peanuts and eat the entire thing in front of the elephants with an intense face.

4. Ask a zoo keeper random questions about the animals. Ex. "Where did you find and capture this/these animal(s)?"

5. Pretend to have a conversation with an animal

6. If possible, feed the animals with food from a feeder.

7. Take pictures of the animals, then show your family/friends and say, "Doesn't (imaginary frined) look absolutely fabulous?!"

8. When you're near the apes/monkeys, yell, "GREAT-AUNT TOM IS THAT YOU?!"

9. When you're leaving, say, "GOODBYE! I LOVE YOU!" to any animals you pass on the way to the exit.

10. If you see a wild bird in an exibit (ex. a robin with elephants) yell, "HEY! YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!"

Don't forget to get your Monkey Hunter Brag Badge!