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32 - The Fort Maker

$ 0.50

It may be chilly outside and the weather doesn’t look too inviting but inside, the weather couldn’t be better for some good ol’ fort making. Did you know this isn’t just an activity that potentially destroys your living room feng shui. There are substantial benefits for breaking out the blankets and pillows.

The problem solving, creative thinking and cooperation required to build forts embody the basics of engineering.

Fort building gives kids hours of entertainment. Sometimes you buy your kids a toy thinking they’ll play with it for hours, but they discard it after ten minutes. You won’t experience that with for building.

Your kids might even discover a new career path. Building forts can teach the basic ideas of architecture, engineering, geometry, and design, and the enjoyment of this process can give your child an idea of what he or she wants to be in the future.

Kids learn cooperation. If two or more kids build a fort together but don’t actually “work together,” the fort probably won’t stand for long. Building a sturdy and functioning fort requires cooperation between the builders, and this skill will be needed their whole lives.

What’s not to love? Once they've not only completed the fort but cleaned up as well, be sure to give them their own Fort Maker Brag Badge.