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01 - Intro Pack

$ 10.00

Our Intro Pack is designed to help get your family started with the Play Unplugged program.

We've selected 20 of our most popular Brag Badges you can do with your family. Those Brag Badges include:

The King Pin - view
The Screen Slayer - view
The Volunteer - view
The Baker - view
The Bed Header - view
The Bed Maker - view
The Bubble Blower - view
The Card Master - view
The Cook - view
The Flosser - view
The Fort Maker - view
The Gold Star Kid - view
The Hide and Seeker - view
The Reader - view
The Room Cleaner - view
The Treasure Hunter - view
The Collector - view
The Crazy Crafter - view
The Duct Tape Master - view
The Paper Pilot - view

Plan activities based on the Brag Badge character and you decide when and how your kids can receive each Brag Badge.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL: Order before the new year and you'll receive a FREE lanyard and our special Holiday Brag Badge with each order.