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25 - The Baker

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Whipping up treats in the kitchen can do more than just create yummy but did you know baking has been found to have therapeutic value which helps to ease depression and anxiety? Baking can not only bring the family together, but it stimulates the senses, it can be a very creative outlet and it helps others feel happy! It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Some ideas include:

Play a tasting game. Line up some little bowls and put a different ingredient into each one. A great start is salt, pepper, lemon juice, honey, and turmeric. This gives very dramatic contrasts between salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter. With really young kids, you can explain to them what each taste is. As kids get older, you can give them new ingredients and ask what they think of them.

Making something bizarre or different. Maybe something like Marshmallow play dough. It’s safe to eat and you can play with it! Find the full recipe here -

Learn to make a food from your favorite restaurant. Do you love Big Macs? Or maybe you want to make your own KFC at home. Whatever the food, chances are you can find the recipe to make it online. See how close you can come.

Once you've finished with your activity, hand out the Baker Brag Badge to all those who participated.