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26 - The Bed Header

$ 0.50

Got a messy hair do? No reason to fret! People love crazy hair styles. Whether you’re trying to stand out in a crowd, or just want to try something different it can be a fun creative way to express yourself. See what you can come up with! Below are a few ideas.

The Unicorn Horn. The hair is parted horizontally then a group of hair strands are tied at the back forming the unicorn’s hair and as for the legendary magical horn, the remaining hair strands at the front are tied into a cone-shaped template. Now, go and be a unicorn!

The Tri-Horned. The hair is grouped into three and are pulled in several directions. To maintain the shape, a solid structure holds the spikes and the ends are decorated with ribbons, which are tied at the end strands, then, the spikes are tinted with red. Regardless of what she might have gone through, this kid is absolutely happy!

A Thousand Clips. This hair is straight-all-tied up! Any available hair clips will do, just clip it in your hair neatly and you are good to go.

The Surfer Dude. The hair is styled into faux hawk and tinted with blue. To complete the design, top it with a Lego. How cool is that!

Head Monster. Well, there is really something in his head! The hair is styled upward then added with two jiggly eyes and the forehead serves as the lower part of the face.

After completing their masterpiece, hand out a Bed Header Brag Badge to each hair artist.