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28 - The Bubble Blower

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Turns out blowing bubbles isn’t just a silly thing to do. There are actual measurable benefits to blowing out those glistening globes of fun.  For children, blowing bubbles can really help with fine motor skills. Coordinating pinching the skinny wand, holding the bottle with one while dipping with the other all help refine those skills. Other benefits include, visual tracking skills, sensory processing, oral motor skills as well as social and communication to name just a few.

So grab your bubbles and get ready for some fun! Need some ideas to make it a bit more interesting, here are a few:

Bubble Sword Battle. Give each child a foam sword and let them pop the bubbles with it. Pretend the bubbles are a bubble dragon or a thick forest them must conquer.

Blowing Bubble Art. Place bubble mixture in a large bowl.  Add a few drops of food coloring.  Give kids a straw and have them place the straw in the bowl and blow making the bubbles rise above the lip of the bowl.  Then have them take a piece of paper and lay it on top of the bowl.  Take the paper off and they will have a fun bubble picture.

No Hands Allowed. Have the kids try and pop bubbles without using their hands. They can use their heads, elbows, legs, feet, knees, etc.

Catch a Bubble. Blow bubbles and then try and catch them on the bubble wand.  See if multiple bubbles can be caught on the wand.

Hula Hoop Drift. Divide children and let half blow bubbles and the other half hold the hula hoops.  Have the kids hold the hula hoops out and the others try and blow bubbles through them.  Then switch so everyone has a turn.

Biggest Bubble. Have a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble.  Make sure all the wands used are the same size.

Most Bubbles. Have a contest to see who can blow the most bubbles with one breath.  Line the kids up and one at a time have them blow as many bubbles as they can with just one blow.

Bubble Lift. See how long the kids can keep their bubbles in the air by having them blow underneath them to keep them from popping.

Bubble Stack. Give each child 2 bubble wands and bubble solution.  Have a contest to see who can blow bubbles and then stack them the highest on the second wand.

Bubble Pop. Blow lots of bubbles and let the kids enjoy popping them.

Bubble Flow. Set up a start and finish line.  Have kids line up at the start line and blow a bubble.  They then have to blow that bubble across the field and over the finish line.

Bubble Tag. Played like the regular game of tag except "it" has a bottle of bubbles and to tag someone they must blow bubbles on the other player.  When a player gets tagged they take the bubbles and try and tag someone else.

Bubble Dodge. This is a fun game where kids try and dodge the bubbles that are being blown at them.  Have the players line up about 10 feet from other players who are blowing bubbles.  If a bubble pops on them, they switch places with the person who blew the bubbles.

Bubble Wands. Experiment making different sizes and shapes of bubbles using different types of bubble wands.  Pipe cleaners bent into fun shapes, slotted spoons, tubes, and hangers are some great ideas.

Be sure to hand out the Bubble Blower Brag Badge to each participant once finished.