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35 - The Hide and Seeker

$ 0.50

Kids love to play hide-and-seek, but it’s not just a silly game. Even something as simple as playing Peekaboo with an infant teaches concepts that things can still exist even though they might not be able to see them.

As they get older and engage in games such as hide-and-seek encourages children to use their imagination and helps them develop problem-solving skills as they try to work out the best place to hide or find their target.

They can even start to appreciate the concept of volume as they try to find the smallest hiding place they can fit into. Playing hide-and-seek gives a child some valuable physical benefits as well since the exercise helps them build stamina and aids muscle development. The challenge of getting into the perfect hiding place will help improve their balance, agility, and coordination.

So close your eyes, count to ten and, ready or not, here they come! Once done playing, give out the Hide and Seeker Brag Badge to each participant.