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38 - The Jumping Jack

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See how many times you can jump rope before messing up. Below are just a few games you can try while jumping rope:

1. Jump Rope Math
Best Group Size: 1 to 6 kids

Ropes Needed: This can be done either with a regular jump rope for one or two kids, or use a longer double dutch jump rope to involve more children.


  • VARIATION #1 - Give a math equation to solve, like 2 + 5. The jumper repeats the math equation and then jumps the answer (in this case, they would jump 7 times). Use more complicated equations to practice math and jumping skills.
  • VARIATION #2 - This variation involves three or more kids using a long double dutch rope. On each end of the rope is a "turner," and in the middle is the "jumper." The two turners each yell out a number. The jumper combines the numbers (either multiplies, adds or subtracts depending on the rules you decide to use) and jumps the answer. Turn this game into a competition with multiple kids by making it an "elimination" game. For example, if you have six kids, two are turners and four are jumpers. The jumpers form a line and take turns jumping. If someone jumps the wrong number, or makes a mistake while jumping, they are eliminated. The last jumper remaining is the winner.

2. Relay Race
Best Group Size: 6 or more

Ropes Needed: One single beaded or licorice rope per team

Instructions: Setup on a basketball court. Each team needs a jump rope. The first "player" on each team races down the court and back while jumping. Then the next player take the jump rope and does the same thing until all of the players on the team have gone. Whichever team finishes first wins!

3. "Cat And Mouse"
Best Group Size: 4 per group, with as many groups as you need (say for a PE class)

Ropes Needed: One long double dutch jump rope per group

Instructions: Children get into groups of four with one long rope for each group. Two children turn the long double dutch rope and two play the game. This is a "chasing" game that is the jump rope version of tag. One player is the "cat", and the other is the "mouse."

  • Pick a number of jumps each player must complete. A good number to start with is three.
  • The "turners" start spinning the jump rope.
  • The mouse enters the spinning jump rope from one side, completes the three jumps, and exits on the other side.
  • As soon as the mouse leaves the jump rope the "cat" enters the jump rope and does the three jumps.
  • While the "cat" is jumping the "mouse" runs around one of the turners to the side where both jumpers originally entered the spinning rope.
  • As soon as the "cat" completes the 3 jumps the "mouse" can re-enter the jump rope, and the cat runs around the turners trying to "catch" the mouse before he/she re-enters the jump rope.

The goal of the game is for the "cat" to catch the "mouse" by tagging the mouse. The cat can also "catch" the mouse if the mouse makes a mistake while jumping. The cat has to tag the mouse outside of the jump rope. This usually occurs while the "mouse" is waiting to enter the jump rope.

Note: When the game is in full flow, the cat and mouse should be running in a figure 8 around the turners.

After you've jumped a few rounds of rope, get your Jumping Jack Brag Badge.