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41 - The Mind Bender

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Complete a mental challenge like a puzzle or riddle. Need some ideas? Here are just a few:

1. In just 7 words
Test your creativity with this verbal challenge. Write a short story—and use only seven words to tell your tale. (Bonus: This will boost your Twitter and Facebook storytelling skills).

2. Opposite day
Build new connections between brain cells by putting your nondominant hand into action. If you're a rightie, use your left hand to perform daily tasks such as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and eating. Even try to write with your other hand, too. Does using your nondominant hand become any easier over the course of the day?

3. Project notes
Get in the habit of taking notes whenever you receive critical information, such as from a doctor or lawyer, or in any circumstance that may cause stress and anxiety—which can cloud your memory. Note taking is always a good idea on the job, too. Try this: staple several sheets of blank paper to the inside of a project folder and use them to take notes during meetings to produce a clear record of what you discussed.

4. Count backward
Here's a brain game that will help keep your mind on track. Try these three exercises in simple subtraction:

Beginning at 200, count backward, subtracting 5 each time (200, 195, 190...).
Beginning at 150, count backward, subtracting 7 each time (150, 143, 136...).
Beginning at 100, count backward, subtracting 3 each time (100, 97, 94...).

Feeling smarter? Don't forget to get your Mind Bender Brag Badge.