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46 - The Room Cleaner

$ 0.50

Cleaning your room can be tedious and boring. Especially for kids. Here are some ideas that can make it fun:

Set up a trash bag as a basketball hoop. Throw all papers away and if they find pieces to a game, chuck those too, unless you know what game they go to. If you don't, the game is not important enough.

Pretend it is a race against the clock. Give them a half hour or else the clock wins, and no one likes losing to a thing that doesn't have a brain.

Try turning on the radio or singing. Most of the time this is very helpful in getting kids in the mood to clean. If you have the music on, they could tidy while dancing. For instance, if they had something one side of the room and it needed to be the other, they could foxtrot or even Cha-Cha their way there!
Focus on one certain area at a time. This will help them start cleaning their room. Try to teach them not to look at it as the big picture because they’ll get discouraged.

Don't take a break. This just leads to procrastination.

Once finished, be sure to reward them with the Room Cleaner Brag Badge.