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100 - The Tatter Slayer

$ 0.50

Get rid of that couch potato. Get outside and stay active. Need some help? Below are some tips to get you going:

Dress Appropriately
Get dressed in your outdoor clothes. It's actually uncomfortable to sit glued to your t.v. if you're wearing clothes for going out. Remember, staying in your pajamas all day won't encourage exercise in the slightest!

Make Goals
Goal setting is a great way to stay focused. Write down what you want to achieve for staying active. Then make sure you display them somewhere visible to help maintain that focus.

Become a Health Food Honcho
Eating healthy has the greatest effect on your energy level. Eat more fruits and veggies. Toss out the chips and sodas and replace them with whole grains. Soon you'll find sitting still just isn't as interesting anymore.

Once you get going, be sure to get your Tatter Slayer Brag Badge.