Home Edition Brag Badges

Play Unplugged is all about encouraging kids to put down their electronics so they can get up and play. It is a simple program where kids collect BRAG BADGES that require them to do unplugged activities. For example, your child can earn BRAG BADGES for reading books, feeding the ducks, doing sidewalk chalk, hiking, going on a bug hunt, etc.

There are hundreds of BRAG BADGES to choose from. There is an OUTDOOR set, an ACTIVE LIFE set, AROUND THE HOUSE set, and CREATIVE FUN set. Each set has a variety of badges representing hours and hours of summer fun.

You get to decide if your child has accomplished the unplugged activity and when they should receive their BRAG BADGE. Your order will also come with a lanyard that your child can use to collect their BRAG BADGES on.

All of this results in motivated kids who have fun activities to do during the summer, happy moms who have a program to help plan out their days, and a summer your family will never forget!

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